Have you ever contemplated building your own pond or water garden?

Have you ever contemplated building your own pond or water garden?

Were you scared off by the complexities of designing and then costing and then actually doing the work of building that water feature in your garden in order to increase the value of your property or just get more pleasure out of it?

  • Were you afraid it would become a nightmare rather than a dream?
  • Did this prevent you creating that dream pond your family and yourself always wanted?
  • Did you ever say to yourself … I am afraid the water will go green and smelly … will it?
  • Do you know how many plants must be put into the pond?
  • How can you put a pond in a garden which is not flat or level?
  • Should a flexible liner or a preformed pond be used?
  • Is it possible to use a liner to create stream or waterfall?
  • How many fish can be put into the pond?
  • I would like to create a wildlife pond

The key challenge and it is easier than you think when you know how of course …. read Peter’s fun (but deadly serious) article on how to meet and resolve water gardening landscaping challenges by clicking the link

To create a successful well landscaped pleasing water garden design is to provide a place in your garden in which all the flora and fauna are interdependent. 

As the seasons pass by, things flourish and die. Plants may get out of hand; there may be epidemics of algae or parasites or even huge populations of toads or frog tadpoles. However if your pond is constructed employing the correct basic principles and put together with the right ingredients and care, these events will not be problems, rather just the seesaw effect of nature’s ‘natural’ balance adjusting itself with time.

As you read below take note that there are many links (underlined text) to all sorts of valuable information about ponds, water features, fountains and fish pond care in general. Make sure you spend some time studying the pages the links lead you to. 


Beware of making the stream disproportionately large in relation to the pond. Remember, the stream needs an addition of at least ˝ an inch (12mm) of water added to its surface to get it flowing. On top of this there is a backlog of water hidden within the waterfall system and combined together this can mean a considerable loss of water from the pond once the stream is in full flood. The marginal plants in particular cannot cope with the radical rise and fall of the water.



  1. If they are in a small pool, don’t operate them when it is windy or if you require some oxygenation for the pool water, remove the jet.
  2. The fountain should be at least twice the height of the height of water away from the side of the pool.
  3. Keep the pump raised from the bottom of the pool on bricks.

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